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While women hold nearly half of the positions in today’s workforce, there are fewer and fewer females holding senior positions. The American Management Association (AMA), with over 95 years of management and leadership development experience, is doing its part to ensure women and organizations are more successful by having a more diverse and inclusive workplace. This means having everyone prepared for the future with a culture of belonging.

The AMA Women’s Leadership Center (WLC) offers professional women around the globe a supportive community and meaningful education to practice new skills, build confidence and take risks—to prepare for advancement and future opportunities.

WLC supports individuals by providing meaningful learning experiences throughout the year and helping them develop the competencies they need for success. Women learn with us through membership resources, in-person and online learning, and events.

WLC supports organizations in reaching their diversity and inclusion goals with a focus on the development of women through community building, development planning and gaining the support of men. We partner with you to identify a plan to reach your desired initiative outcomes. Whether you already have an initiative established or are looking to create a new program, we’ll create the most successful program for your people.

Our solutions include

  • A strategic foundational “Getting Started ” consultation
  • Membership resources
  • Onsite events, courses and workshops at your location
  • Virtual learning
  • Mapping an annual calendar of events
  • Development planning
  • Public courses at our locations

Partner with us to

    • Create a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging
    • Support a more productive workplace
    • Increase engagement and retention
    • Reach recruitment goals
    • Enhance your brand
    • Decrease turnover expenses
    • Develop succession plans

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