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Women's Leadership Workshop

In-person and virtual options available

Women's Leadership
Certificate Program

Live Online Sessions Available


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    • 02/17/2022
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • Virtual

    Gain a deeper knowledge and context of core Diversity, Equity and Inclusion concepts

    Attend this 90-minute webinar to develop a greater understanding of various aspects of diversity and inclusion (D&I), and how they impact everyday interactions and overall workplace culture. Get the opportunity to assess your diversity intelligence and recognize the business imperative for D & I initiatives in organizations. You will build an understanding of how biases and stereotypes develop, the importance of values to cultural norms, a model for holding difficult conversations, and how overlapping threats such as racism and sexism can have a multiplicative effect on individuals and groups. You’ll also explore new strategies and tools, and increase your understanding through stories and a case study.


    What You Will Cover

    • Identify the barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion that stem from perceptions
    • Discover the relationship between emotional intelligence and diversity
    • Develop an understanding of bias and explore what drives exclusionary behaviors
    • Recognize intersectionality (overlapping threats) and how it relates to systemic biases
    • Manage micro-inequities (small behaviors that can have a big impact) to build stronger diverse relationships

    • 03/10/2022
    • 05/04/2022
    • 2 sessions
    • Virtual Workshop

    Increase your success with a full day of skill-building and networking.


    Our extremely popular 1-day event for women has just been newly updated, offering you and other women in your organization not just a range of crucial and timely skills, but new leadership development and networking opportunities. By experiencing this powerful and high-impact workshop, women can start the year strong by coming together with a diverse group of women from other industries and sharing ideas, strategies and support.

    As participants in this unique and powerful workshop, you and your team will explore ways to reconnect, network, improve morale, enhance resilience, develop greater risk-taking capabilities, gain expert answers to pressing concerns, and much more.

    What You Will Cover:

    Facilitated networking and team-building.

    • Experience highly interactive and dynamic activities including virtual breakout groups 
    • Interact with participants while discussing unique challenges women face—and solutions 
    • Learn best practices for building your internal and external network, and the benefits of doing so

    Invaluable career advice from a facilitated keynote discussion.

    • Gain important insights about how to succeed in a male-dominated work environment 
    • Hear life and career successes and failures, as well as lessons learned 
    • Get answers to your most pressing career questions

    NEW! Expert-led, interactive 3-hour workshop: Resilience and Strategic Risk-Taking

    • Enhance self-awareness and leverage that ability for future challenges
    • Learn to demonstrate confidence and openness 
    • Identify new strategies to find solutions outside your comfort zone 
    • Reframe uncertainty and work through hesitation to speak up and resolve conflict 
    • Know how you’re coming across to others and adapt in order to make the most effective impact

    In addition, you get these powerful resources upon registering:

    • How to Build a Professional Brand and Image (AMA OnDemand Course)
      In 9 powerful on demand lessons you can access 24/7, gain insights and skills to help build credibility and trust by developing a personal brand and image as a business professional. Explore such topics as motivating and influencing throughout the organization, emotional regulation through enhanced awareness, assertive communication, leading through emotional intelligence, projecting confidence and much more.
    • WLC Membership
      Develop leadership skills and build a strong network with a year of valuable resources. Take advantage of our global online network, special events, 4 free webinars on vital business topics and much more!
    • Exercise Guide: Create a Plan to Develop Your Strategic Network
      Use this 3-step guide to begin work creating a personalized career-advancing network.
    • Infographic: 5 Skills and Behaviors Used by Agile Leaders to Network
      Discover essential capabilities for effective networking with stakeholders and other key contacts so they can be applied to future interactions.

    This event is filled with stimulating discussion and empowering exercises, plus virtual opportunities to build new relationships as you gain insights and ideas from women going through similar challenges. We urge you not to miss out on this exciting 1-day live online workshop that participants have called a "life-changing experience" and "the best workshop I have ever taken."

    Who Should Attend

    Professional women at any point in their careers looking for career-enhancing and advancing skills, those considering new careers, and anyone seeking strategies for adapting to the changing realities in today’s business world.


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