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    • 01/31/2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online

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    High levels of stress can lead to burnout, lower productivity, greater turnover and a host of other problems within organizations. This is especially true during times of intense business activity or volatile change—precisely when optimal performance is needed most. However, by effectively harnessing stress management and related techniques and tools, you and your team can go from “burned out” to “fired up” and avoid a problem that is increasingly plaguing businesses everywhere. Attend this webcast and start making this transformation immediately.

    • 02/09/2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Online

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    Every part of your work life places you in close proximity to people trying to get their unique jobs done.  You have demanding clients, colleagues who are wonderful to work with and some with whom you have a sometimes tense relationship. 

    When you add in the constant requests, expectations and demands you face on a daily basis, you have a recipe for stress.  At those times when tensions run high, emotions get frayed. An angry word, foul mood or bungled interaction can significantly damage your relationships with bosses and coworkers.  

    You can’t change the way others feel and act; you can only change the way you react to them. 

    This webinar gives you the opportunity to develop the steady self-control that people respond to and respect. You’ll discover powerful tips and tactics to help lessen the intensity and duration of someone else’s outburst and help you stay calm while dealing with challenging situations. It helps you build a foundation for more positive days at work, with a proactive approach to managing your emotions in stressful situations.

    • 02/16/2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online

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    This special interactive session is designed to give you an advance look at the AMA Women’s Leadership Center’s most popular, instructor-led course, the Women’s Leadership Certificate Program—an immersive, powerful and highly interactive live online experience. The seminar offers women an opportunity to build and practice the knowledge and tools necessary to be recognized as a present and future leader.

    This special product showcase will give you an overview of the benefits offered in this comprehensive, in-depth course. Discover how the program helps participants craft their message as leaders, understand your leadership voice, and much more.

    • 03/09/2023
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Online

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    Our extremely popular 1-day event for women has just been newly updated, offering you and other women in your organization not just a range of crucial and timely skills, but new leadership development and networking opportunities. By experiencing this powerful and high-impact workshop, women can come together with a diverse group of professionals from other industries and share ideas, strategies and support.

    As participants in this unique workshop, you and your team will explore ways to reconnect, network, improve morale, enhance resilience, develop greater risk-taking capabilities, gain expert answers to pressing concerns, and much more.

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