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Expand Your Virtual Management Skills With These Free Resources

Action Plan for Constructive Change

Since prompt action is required to establish the organizational relevance of your team and its individual members following the pandemic, you need to work with individuals on your team to develop an appropriate action plan.

Active Listening

A critical part of reducing employee stress, especially when working virtually, is to really listen to employees. Active listening is a technique that helps you, as a manager, gain greater insight about your direct reports.

Becoming an Ally: A Step-by-Step Guide

You must know how to advocate for and champion those who need support. To help you do this, we’ve created a practical step-by-step guide that you can use to identify strategies for becoming an ally, so you can start putting these strategies into regular practice.

Business Writing Tips and Best Practices

Never underestimate the written word as a tool to influence others and to represent yourself.

Characteristics of Agile Leaders

To promote and enhance team resilience during these difficult times, leaders need to build and display the attributes of an agile leader.

Developing a Successful Women’s Initiative in Your Organization

Businesses know that developing women leaders at all levels is critical for lasting success. If you’re looking to advance this effort in your organization—and see real results—a meaningful women’s initiative is vital.

Employee Assessment

As a manager and leader in the organization, your ability to assess your employees’ motivators is crucial for creating a culture of trust and high performance.

Linking Emotional Intelligence Cornerstones to Your Leadership

What are your core emotional intelligence skills and abilities? How do they compare with the four EI cornerstones—Aware, Connect, Manage, and Achieve—and how will your strengths and development opportunities in these areas affect your leadership success?

Mapping Your Strategic Network

Expanding your power network is key to advancing your career and achieving your professional goals. But where do you begin?

Personal and Culture Adjustment Roadmap

In the challenging world we’re living in, the culture of an organization is particularly important in achieving business results.

Template for Cognitive Restructuring

Having a resilient mindset enhances your ability to transform challenges into growth and to leverage leadership skills to your best advantage.

The F.L.I.P. Model for Difficult Conversations

With your workforce working remotely, it is the responsibility of all employees—leaders, managers and individual contributors—to help maintain an inclusive culture.

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