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Women have never been in a better position to achieve success—but there are still unique challenges they must meet headon in order to thrive. Despite making up nearly half of the workforce, only 36% of first- and mid-level managers are women. Dated limitations and thinking, lack of access to opportunities and mentors, and persistent problems with work-life flexibility are just some of the issues that still exist.

With management certification, men and women can be measured by the same standard of skill mastery that management experts have identified as the most valuable in today’s organizations. For organizations, it can help ensure lasting management excellence throughout the business, equal opportunities for all, and additional retainment of their people.

Are you ready to become a Certified Professional in Management?



  • Provides a method for recognizing managerial competence
  • Offers a reliable indicator of future leadership potential
  • Improves hiring and promotion decisions with a new standard of knowledge and competence
  • Reduces the likelihood that team members will leave due to skill gaps and behavioral deficiencies in their managers
  • Helps organizations improve their talent acquisition and promotion ROI
  • Supports a more inclusive culture for women promoted into management and leadership roles


  • Increase your management knowledge beyond on-the-job experience
  • Enhance your worth and value to your organization
  • Achieve greater career success as a more well-rounded manager
  • Improve your performance and the productivity of your team
  • Increase both internal and external customers’ confidence in your work
  • Distinguish yourself from other managers who are not certified
  • Improve your individual impact on your organization’s bottom line

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