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Women's Leadership Certificate Program

Build vital leadership competencies and earn AMA’s Women’s Leadership Certificate

Women at every level of an organization can be strong leaders—bringing essential skills like team leadership, strategic thinking and business acumen to their roles. To flourish as a leader, a woman needs not only the skills to lead, but a dynamic voice that can be heard and followed. This unique 2-day program will provide you with the knowledge and tools to present yourself as a present and future leader, and to speak up and create value for your organization no matter what your role is. You’ll go beyond the fundamentals of communication and assertiveness skills and explore vision, negotiation and strategy—as well as powerful techniques to enable you to find your leadership voice and lead with courage and conviction.

First, the course will focus on self-awareness and effectively leading yourself. Next, your focus will shift to leading others and presenting yourself as someone who creates and adds value.

Upon completing this unique course, you’ll receive a special AMA Women’s Leadership Certificate, indicating that you’ve received in-person, hands-on training in leadership areas that are crucial for women who lead in business.

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How You Will Benefit

  • Recognize leadership as a specific way of thinking that combines business acumen, vision and introspection
  • Explore crucial leadership skills organizations demand
  • Find your true, dynamic voice as a leader and shape an authentic leadership message
  • Overcome preconceived notions that can sabotage women in business
  • Present yourself as someone who adds value to the organization
  • Increase your confidence and be comfortable with risk taking

What You Will Cover

Introduction: Women in Leadership

  • What is leadership?
  • Establishing the importance of courage and conviction in leadership

Establishing Your Leadership Voice

  • Describing the components of a compelling leadership voice
  • Understanding your authentic voice as a leader and how to communicate it with conviction
  • Overcoming biases to your leadership voice
  • Understanding the importance of role modeling and creating a culture of feedback

How to Craft a Compelling Message

  • Recognizing how your desired results must be communicated to different audiences
  • Exemplifying what confidence looks like in order to build trust and credibility
  • Communicating to get desired results

Communicating a Strategic Direction

  • Understanding how your business works and anticipating future growth needs
  • Communicating a strategic direction with passion, courage and conviction
  • Describing messages leaders use to set strategy and align resources to achieve results

Leading Your Team to Greater Success

  • Team building: Empowering everyone to reach a higher level of performance
  • Identifying your strategic network
  • Leveraging organizational politics for the success of yourself and your team

Becoming a Strategic Thinker

  • Identifying the five questions strategic leaders ask regularly
  • Determining future needs using SWOT analysis
  • Creating a value proposition based on your customers’ needs, wants and expectations
  • Linking your actions to strategy
  • Seeing the leader as negotiator
  • Assessing your negotiation style and how it aligns with your leadership voice and organizational culture
  • Understanding the 4-step process to be a great negotiator

Adding Value to Your Organization

  • Action Planning: Defining how a leader thinks differently from others and how you add value to your organization

Who Should Attend

Professional women at all levels who wish to take on a leadership role, advance their careers, or build leadership competencies to contribute more to their teams and organizations.

Special Feature

Upon completion of the program, each participant will receive AMA's Women's Leadership Certificate.

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