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  • 06/24/2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual

Build networking agility to advance your career during times of uncertainty

Rapidly changing work environments due to recent events have left professionals in a “wait and watch” mode. Naturally, this also brings about a great deal of ongoing uncertainty. This webcast, specifically designed for professionals who want to move beyond this situation, examines new ways of networking under these current circumstances in order to achieve career growth. You’ll discover how you can cultivate agility and embrace strategic networking as a leader, and learn how to develop more confidence in doing so. In addition, you’ll explore new success drivers, ways to get beyond your comfort zone, and much more.


How You Will Benefit

  • Appreciate the value of agility in the current reality of disruption
  • Recognize new value drivers that can lead to success
  • Identify strategies outside of your comfort zone
  • Recognize why a strong leadership network is so important
  • Create a plan to develop a strategic leadership network

Who Should Attend

Managers, leaders, and other professionals who wish to gain tools and strategies to leverage networking during times of change in order to enhance their career growth.

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