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Overcoming an Imperfect Boss


Managing Your Boss to Advance Your Career

It’s not your boss' job to develop you, motivate you, or inspire you. That's your job.

This humorous, highly interactive webcast will delve deeply into the awkward, unnatural boss-subordinate relationship and help you to manage even the scariest relationship.

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Most people leave the magic of what could be a career-changing relationship with their boss untapped.

This program starts with a simple concept: "Your boss is just an imperfect human being, doing the best she can... just like you.” You’ll learn techniques to help you gain more influence in your relationship with your boss and be able to navigate even the most tricky situations more elegantly.

What You Will Learn

Join us to discover proven techniques and real-life examples helping you make the most of every presentation from panel discussions to board meetings, including how to:

  • Hillary Clinton’s views on the timeless value of mentorship, and how women are particularly suited to benefit from mentoring and being mentored.
  • What Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia, who risked death many times to emerge as the first female elected head of state on the continent of Africa, told Bonnie about how to flex your “courage muscles.”
  • How Dr. Condoleezza Rice shared her hard-won wisdom about the importance of delegation, and the irreplaceable value of face-to-face conversation.
  • Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal’s secrets to getting the best out of people through her “no-fingerprints” leadership style.
  • How Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach For America, navigates her team to create unprecedented breakthroughs by finding the intersection of optimism and realism.
  • Lessons from Sharon Allen, former Chairman of Deloitte, LLP, on the importance of authenticity and the pitfalls of trying to model one’s leadership style too much on those of the male leaders around them.
  • How Lisa P. Jackson took the “mommy track” and ended up with a Cabinet post in the White House as Barack Obama’s Administrator of the EPA.

About the Presenter

Karin HurtKarin Hurt is Chief Executive Officer of Let's Grow Leaders, a keynote speaker, leadership consultant, and MBA professor. A former Verizon Wireless executive, she has over two decades of experience in sales, marketing, customer service, and human resources. Recently, Karin was recognized on Inc magazine’s list of 100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference, American Management Association’s 2015 Leaders to Watch, and one of the top 100 thought leaders in Trusted Business Behavior by Trust Across America. She is author of the book, Overcoming an Imperfect Boss.

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